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Please note that all clearance items are final sales and there will be no refunds or exchanges. Modifications and/or changes to fabrics if Dallas Linens is out of a certain fabric for a clearance bedding collection can happen. New pictures are not taken of a collection if it has had a change/modification to it. If these small changes will affect your desire to purchase a collection, it is always best to EMAIL or CALL about the collection and we will get the specifics for you so you can have all the correct information before you purchase.  Example: A collection picture shows both sides of an item with the two original fabrics that were out at full retail price. The item might only come in one of the original fabrics since Dallas Linens was out of the other fabric to keep that specific item in production for a collection, so we can still offer it to customers. Changes are made to keep the collection going since they are only offered directly from Dallas Linens at a great discount price. If you have any questions about specific items in a clearance bedding collection- email or call before ordering. Please take the time to find out the details before you order so you know exactly what they will look like when you receive a item. This way there will be no confusion or assumptions about any item in a collection.We are happy to send a fabric swatch so you can test colors, touch and feel the fabric to make sure its going to be perfect for you.